גְּבוּרָהf. (b. h.; גבר) 1) superiority, strength, might. Yoma 69b זו היא גְּבוּרָתוֹ Ms. M. (ed. גְּבוּרַת גבורתו) in this His strength consists (in His long-suffering). Kidd.49b י׳ קבים ג׳וכ׳ ten measures of bravery have come down into the world, nine of which the Persians have taken; Esth. R. to I, 3. Num. R. s. 10 (allud. to Koh. 10:17 a. Is. 5:22) ג׳ של תורהוכ׳ the strength (acquired by the study) of the Law consists in ‘happy, the strength of wine in ‘woe; a. fr. 2) הַגְּ׳ Divine Majesty, the Lord. Sabb.87a. Ib. 88b, a. fr. מפי הג׳ from the mouth of the Lord. 3) high age, v. infra.Pl. גְּבוּרוֹת 1) manifestations of Divine power, wonders. Yoma l. c. איה גְּבוּרוֹתָיו where are the evidences of His power (that we should call Him גבור)? 2) Gburoth, the second section of the Tfillah (v. אָבוֹת), praising the powers of the Lord, also called תְּחִיַית הַמֵּתִים. Y.Ber.IV, end, 8c this is the order אבות וג׳וכ׳ Aboth, Gburoth, and Kiddush hash-Shem (Kdushah).ג׳ גְּשָׁמִים the power of rain, a clause praising the Lord for giving rains, inserted in Gburoth. Ber.V, 2 מזכירין ג׳ גש׳ we mention ‘the power of rain, i. e. insert the clause, in ‘the Resurrection, contrad. to the prayer for rain (שַׁאֲלָה). Taan.2a מאי ג׳ גש׳וכ׳ why is it named Gburoth Gshamim? Ans. מפני שיורדין בגבורה because the rains come down through (Gods) wonderful power (ref. to Job. 5:9–10). 3) (allusion to Ps. 90:10) the age of eighty. M. Kat. 28a שמונים ג׳ (Ms. M. נבורה) ‘eighty years is called gburoth (gburah). Treat. Smaḥoth III, 8 מיתה של גבורה (Y.Bicc.II, 64c bot. של זקנה) a death of gburah (at a high age); Ab. V, 21 בן שמנים לגבורה. M. Kat l. c. הגיע לג׳ if one has reached the age of eighty.

Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature. . 1903.

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